About Clearwater Healing

Recover from Trauma and find Joy
Recover from Trauma and find Joy

Mission Statement:
We offer cleansing, restorative, and empowering programs for women healing from trauma. We provide a safe environment, a sense of community and support, and access to comprehensive and compassionate services.


Clearwater is a place for women who have experienced trauma to find healing. We provide a holistic program with an emphasis on peer support, wellness, and trauma education.  Our program strives to serve as a springboard to future individual healing and success as defined by the individual. We value and believe in women in recovery from trauma. At our core, we understand and appreciate the value of peer support. It is important to us that women understand that our services are completely voluntary, as we believe in a self-directed recovery process.


Our Goals:

  • Provide comprehensive services to women in the community.
  • Increase access to services for women who have experienced trauma.
  • Become a leader in women’s trauma recovery.
  • Provide quality services to women seeing recovery from trauma.



The Program

       We offer an 8-week evening program that meets three times a week for three hours each night. In becoming part of the evening program, women make an eight week commitment to one another to join together on their path of recovery. During this time, participants will be encouraged to support one another, and will have the support of the members of the Clearwater team.  The activities during those hours will offer a variety of tools for participants to carry with them throughout this process and the rest of their lives. Participants are not required to disclose anything they are uncomfortable with, but the Clearwater team will do our part to create a safe and comfortable space for individuals to begin to share their stories and search for healing.

Weekly Group

       We currently have a drop-in weekly group in Salem that meets on Saturdays from 10:30-noon. Women who identify as trauma survivors who are seeking community and healing are encouraged to join us. The topic and activity changes every week, but the structure will remain consistent. This is a good way to check out the program to see if it's a good fit for you.

Doula Services

       In addition, Clearwater offers full birth doula services for women in recovery from trauma. This service includes individual trauma recovery peer support during pregnancy, as well as doula support throughout labor and delivery, and two follow up visits after the birth of your child. For more information, see the Support During Childbirth tab. 

Healing Quests (Coming soon)

       This summer we will be introducing the Healing Quest, an activity where a group of women spend several days in the wilderness in search of healing. The Quests will each have a different focus, and participants will be invited to embrace and explore it thoroughly.  

eCPR Training & Certification

       We also train and certify people in Emotional CPR (eCPR). This is a method for supporting our fellow humans during times of emotional distress. This training is available to individuals and organizations. The more people in our communities who feel comfortable interacting with and supporting people who are in distress, the safer our communities will be for us and for other trauma survivors. When we are treated with dignity and respect, when we are heard and really listened to, recovery and healing become possible. 


Some types of trauma include:

You may or may not see something in the list below that describes your experience. One of the most important principles of healing is that you don't count yourself out. It's easy to distance ourselves from others, or to compare our experiences to the experiences of others, but that process does not often lead to healing. The list below is not exhaustive. It does not include every way that a person's life can be torn apart or every type of pain. If you are struggling, count yourself in. If you aren't struggling now but you do periodically, count yourself in. If you still aren't sure, contact us. Whatever happened to you, whatever you have overcome, count yourself in. Count yourself in to a group of women who are working to create a better life for ourselves, our families, and our community. Join us. 

  • Systems/institutional trauma
  • Domestic violence
  • Natural disasters
  • Childhood abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, neglect)
  • Sexual assault
  • Experiencing or witnessing violence
  • Cultural dislocation
  • Sudden loss
  • Terrorism
  • War
  • Grief
  • Chronic stressors (racism, homelessness, poverty)
  • Accidents
  • Medical procedures
  • Abandonment
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Power abuse


If your life or the life of a woman you know has been

impacted by trauma, please contact us.


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