Clearwater Doulas

DONA trained Doulas are available to support pregnant women through childbirth, labor, and delivery. Our Doulas specialize in birth support for trauma survivors, and are trained both as doulas and peer support specialists. 

Dona International states that women who use doulas can have lower rates of postpartum depression and lower rates of abuse. There are also increased rates of exclusive breastfeeding in women who receive doula support. These indicate ongoing positive impact on the child and family well after labor and delivery.

Our doulas are sensitive to the needs of trauma survivors, and will stay with the mother throughout the entire birth, offering support and guidance to the laboring woman. In addition, Clearwater doula services include individual peer support meetings, directed by the mother and suited to fit her individual needs. She will also have access to ongoing groups and workshops put on by Clearwater, and doulas will offer personalized referrals to trusted providers in the community for other services needed by the mother or family throughout the process.

The birth of a child can be a beautiful experience, and we know that it can be a complex journey as well. Women in our community have a variety of experiences when it comes to childbirth, and we are able to come together to support one another, bringing with us experiences of recovery and healing from mental health challenges during pregnancy, hormone-related emotional and mental health challenges, postpartum emotional challenges, traumatic birth experiences, and fears about parenting as a survivor of childhood abuse. If you are experiencing any of these, please reach out. If you need support as a trauma survivor during pregnancy for any reason, please reach out.

Your birth experience matters. Your pregnancy matters. The way you feel at every stage matters. We want to help you create the birth you desire. We want to support you as you find your rhythm, and as you feel hopeful, and empowered, and confident in your ability to give birth to and care for your new baby.

Doulas are available now in Salem and the surrounding areas.

Contact us for pricing and details.  

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